The Sound of Simplicity

An audio production platform for ...

Meet your new DAW

Built from the ground up, this Digital Audio Workstation combines tradition and innovation to bring you the sleekest, most powerful production suite yet.
We've packed years of audio research and User Experience knowhow into a single tool.

Intelligent Audio

Focus on creating, and we'll take care of the rest.
From track labelling to setting gains, your flow shouldn't be interrupted by boring, tedious tasks.

Welcome to
the Faders ecosystem

Make Faders yours, with any of the packed FX, synths, loops and samples.
Our JSAP plugin framework is now open for third-party developers.

Another point of view

Your old workflow, reinvented. Toggle between Timeline, Mixer, and Stage view
to record, edit, draft and finetune.

Click Record. Create.

We're here to help – not to get in your way. Start making music straight away without any fuss.
Do you want the fuss? You still have full control over every little detail.

Start here, go anywhere

This DAW is 100% portable. Log in on any device, wherever you are in the world,
and you'll have access to all your sessions, plugins and loops.

Collaboration (Coming soon!)

Share your session with friends across the world. Give access to the full mix, or just the guitar solo part.
Chat in real-time or leave notes across the session.

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